Can the ADT Safewatch Pro 2000 Use Total Connect?


No, The Safewatch Pro 2000 is an ADT version Honeywell Vista-20SE security system that is NOT compatible with Total Connect Services. The reason why it cannot use Total connect is because it is too old of a system and Honeywell does not make an EPROM chip upgrade for this model. The EPROM chip is located on the green motherboard of the security system and resembles a computer processor.

If you happened to have an ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 security system which is equivalent to the Honeywell Vista-20P this would not be the case you could easily replace the EPROM chip by purchasing an alarm communicator such as the Cellular (GSMV4G-TC2), (GSMX4G-TC2) or a Dual Path (IGSMV4G-TC2) communicator. Either of the listed communicator options would come with the communicator as well as the EPROM chip upgrade necessary to access Total Connect interactive alarm monitoring and allows the system to be remotely programmed using a professional security software called Compass which is a huge benefit to DIYers.

Though the Safewatch Pro 2000 system can't utilize Total Connect services you are able to have the system Professionally monitored in a few different ways. If you are adamant about wanting to have access to Total Connect you will have to replace the Safewatch Pro 2000 control panel.


The alarm control panel that we recommend upgrading to the Honeywell Vista-20P board with a 6160 programming keypad. The Vista-20P will allow you to install a few different alarm communicators such as the broadband Internet (7847i), Cellular (GSMV4G, GSMX4G, Verizon CDMA-X) or Dual Path (IGSMV4G). Any of these alarm communicators will allow you to access Total Connect Interactive Services. With Total Connect we will be able to access your alarm control panels programming remotely using Compass which makes for easier DIY troubleshooting and less false alarms. "Our no contract alarm monitoring plans range between $12-$18 per month.


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