How to Change Master Code: Concord Express


If you have an Interlogix Concord Express hybrid security system there is a good chance you are wondering how to change the master code from its default setting. The Concord Express master code performs all system operations and user programming so it is a good idea to change it from the factory. 

To change the Concord Express System Master Code:

1. With the display showing USER CODES, press É then B. The display shows SYSTEM MASTER CODE.

2. Press # and the display shows SYSTEM MASTER
nnnn (current code).

3. Enter a new 4-digit code. The display flashes the entered code. Press # and the display shows the new code.

Interlogix Concord Express Alarm Monitoring Options

The Interlogix Concord Express is no longer manufactured and is labeled as a discontinued product. If you are looking to upgrade your Concord Express system READ: How to upgrade your Interlogix Concord Express System?

Interlogix Concord Express Frequently Asked Questions

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