2GIG Go! Control GC3 - Alarm Monitoring Options?

If you have a 2GIG Go! Control "GC3" wireless security system you are probably wondering how can I get
alarm monitoring services? What alarm monitoring options do I have? 

2GIG GC3 Alarm Monitoring Options

1) The first option end users have for alarm monitoring services is Alarm.com DIY Alarm Monitoring Services. Alarm.com DIY monitoring services work's where the customer gets assigned a username and login for the Alarm.com smartphone application which can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store for Android phones. Once the end user has access to the Alarm.com they will be able to enjoy text/email notifications in the event the alarm is triggered. With the DIY monitoring plan end users are responsible for contacting their local police, fire or medical services for dispatching. 

With Alarm.com DIY monitoring end users will still be able to enjoy advanced features such as Z-wave home automation control, image sensor control and viewing of Alarm.com compatible IP cameras as long as they have a compatible 2GIG GC3 cellular alarm communicator.

2)The Second option customers will have for monitoring of their GC3 security system is via Alarm.com PRO alarm monitoring services. The only difference between DIY and PRO Alarm.com monitoring services is that with professional central station monitoring end-user will enjoy the fact that their alarm signals will be monitoring by our alarm monitoring station. So, in the event there is a triggered alarm signal it will be sent to our receivers, we then reach out to the customers emergency contact list that they have provided and if nobody answers or gives a wrong false alarm password we will dispatch the exact authorities for your particular address.

For either DIY or Pro Alarm.com monitoring services customers will usually wonder what the difference is between the Basic, Advanced and Gold Alarm.com monitoring plans. 

Basic Alarm.com Monitoring Services- This will allow customers to enjoy basic features such as arm/disarm from smart devices remotely, receive text/email notifications.

The Advanced Alarm.com package - Offers the same features as basic but, in addition, they will enjoy the ability to control z-wave home automation devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, Rachio sprinkler controls. Lastly, customers who opt-in for the Advanced plan will also be able to receive severe weather alerts.

The Gold Alarm.com package - Lastly, the Alarm.com gold monitoring package will offer all of the same features as both of the other plans but, it will add the ability to activate Alarm.com Image sensors and add some basic features to the mix such as a 6- Hour test timer and weather to the panel. Weather to the panel is exactly as it sounds it will allow the weather to be presented directly on the GC3 touch screen.


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