DSC Security Product FAQ's

DSC PowerSeries: How to Clear a Fault 4 Communication Error?

I HAVE A DSC PowerSeries panel my phone service went out for a few hours and it came back on however, there is still a triangle light on my keypad how do i clear the fault 4 trouble?

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DSC PowerSeries: Is there a Wireless Siren Compatible with these Systems?

Is there a wireless siren compatible with any of the DSC PowerSeries PC1616, PC1832 or PC1864 hybrid kits?

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DSC PC 3000: Can this System Be Monitored?

I have a DSC PC 3000 Wired security system and it communicates through a land line can i have this system monitored with GEOARM?

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DSC PTK5507: Can this Keypad Program my Panel?

Will the DSC PTK5507 allow you to program the DSC PowerSeries alarm systems?

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