Interlogix Simon XT FAQ's

Dial-Up Monitoring from Simon XT through VOIP connection

I used to work for an alarm installation company, so I installed my own Simon XT alarm system buying new components from e-Bay and it turned out great -- I am pretty proud of it. I already have ...

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Monitoring the Simon XT via Dial-Up

I have a completely unlocked Simon XT v2 (rev. 1.6) I would like to have it monitored by GeoArm. It supports both Contact ID and SIA. Can I have use the Dial-Up option or must I buy a GSM module to have it mo...

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GE Simon XT - Image Sensor Requirements on Cell Module?

What revision number is needed on the GSM Radio in order to utilize image sensors with the Ge simon xt wireless security system?

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GE Simon XT: Is this System Interactive Services Compatible?

I have the older style GE Simon XT wireless alarm system will this system be able to use the 600-1048-XT-ZX-VZ cellular communicator and will I be able to access interactive monitoring through geoarm?

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