2GIG Go! Control GC2 FAQ's

Why Does my 2GIG Go! Control not Power Up after Firmware Update?

When updating the firmware on the 2GIG Go! Control 2 , its very important to find out what the firmware version is currently. Firmware versions that are 1.9.6 or later may be updated to the latest version avail...

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Can I Upgrade my 2GIG Go Control Panel to a 3G Cellular Communicator?

Yes, 2GIG Go! control 2 panels can be upgraded from 2G to 3G cellular communicators as long as the panel firmware is at least 1.9.6. The Go! Control 2 firmware version can be found on the interior of the contr...

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2GIG Go! Control - Alarm Monitoring Options

If you moved into a new house or already have an existing 2GIG Go! Control "GC2" all-in-one wireless security system you may be wondering what options do I have for alarm monitoring services? Geoarm Security is...

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