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Update Credit Card Information

Using GeoArm's payment portal PayPoint, you can access your account's recurring monthly payment information and update the payment method on file. 

Step One - Access PayPoint Account

Select if you are setting up a new PayPoint account, or are logging back into an existing account.

Setting up a New Account? CLICK HERE to Register.

Already Have an Account? CLICK HERE to Log In.

Forgot Password? CLICK HERE to Recover your password.

Step Two - Accessing Payment Information


Once You have logged into your account you will be sent to a dashboard for the payment portal. Here you will see info about your account and PayPoint. To Access your credit card info click on Auto Pay and Deactivate Auto Pay


Step Three - Deleting Old Credit Card


After completing the last step, select Payment Methods and click on the old credit card and you should see a REMOVE button towards the top right. Then follow the prompts to delete the old card


Step Four - Adding New Payment Method For Automatic Billing


Going back to Auto Pay select Add Credit Card and then add your new credit card information. After finally adding your new card select your new card to enroll it for Automatic Billing by clicking on it and then selecting Activate Auto Pay and you are all set up.