Accessing Your GeoArm Payment Portal PayPoint

All GeoArm Customers have a GeoArm Payment portal account; logging into your payment portal can sometimes pose an issue. Here is a simplified guide for all customers, so that you can easily access your invoices and manage your account.
Step One - Linking Your New Account
Click HERE for the home page of GeoArm's payment portal. If you've already attempted to log in, you may have noticed you don't have an account to log into. The reason is, due to this being a NEW feature on our site, every GeoArm customer will need to create a billpayer account that links to their existing GeoArm account (using a Subscriber ID given to you by a Representative).
If you don't have a Subscriber ID, please contact GeoArm so that your Subscriber ID can be provided to you.
To create your account click this link:
Using the link provided you can create your new account and provide the Subscriber ID at the bottom. This way it will link your existing account to your new provided information.
Step Two - Logging Into Your Account
After Creating your account you will now receive an email verification link in your email's mail box. Please confirm the verification email to continue to logging into your account by creating a password.
After creating your password you will have access to your payment portal and be able to manage your account's billing info and view your invoices.