Does the Lyric Controller have Advanced Protection Logic APL

The Honeywell Lyric Controller does support Advanced Protection Logic (APL). The Lyric Controller and Advanced Protection Logic "APL" is also known to some as Smash Proof Protection Feature. The communication enhancement provides added notification in the event of a panel compromise due to damaging or disabling attempts.

How it Works:  System is armed, delayed zone type (i.e.; Entry/Exit) has been faulted thereby starting the programmed entry delay, contact ID alarm message sent to AlarmNet. Normal disarm – If the system is disarmed within the programmed entry delay + report delay (if programmed), NO alarm message is sent to the Central Station. - No disarm due to real alarm or panel compromise – If the system is not disarmed, the corresponding alarm message is transmitted from AlarmNet to the Central Station.

*APL is Compatible with the Lyric Security System as well despite the video above.

- No communication response – In the event that a communicator does not respond to AlarmNet within 15 minutes of receiving an entry alarm message, a new contact ID message E316 Tamper is sent to the Central Station. APL Programming: The APL feature is programmed within the “Communicator” programming section.

To enable the Advanced Protection Logic feature, select “APL” and then select “enable” (the option is disabled by default).

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