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Check-Clear Trouble Condition

In order to check and clear troubles on the DSC PC1616, you will need to enter *2 on the keypad. At that point, a totally different number should show up. Once you get this number, please document it and refer to the trouble conditions which you can find below. 

Light 1 - Service Required - Press the 1 key for more info.

If the number 1 light stays on, it means the Main panel battery needs to be swapped out.

If 2 - will mean there is an open Bell Circuit,

If 3 - means General System Trouble (usually associated with Cellular/Internet Communicators),
If 4 - means General System Tamper (Open Tamper on an Expansion Board),

If 5 means Module Supervision (panel can't see enrolled keypad),

If 6 Means that a Wireless Jam has been detected,

If 7 means Expansion Board low battery,

If 8 means Expansion board A/C Failure.

Light 2 - Panel A/C (Power) Failure

Light 3 - Telephone Line trouble

Light 4 - Failure to communicate

Light 5 * - Zone Fault - Press 5 and then another light should light up. This represents what zone number is in fault.

Light 6 * - Zone Tamper - press 6 and whatever light appears is the zone that has the tamper.

Light 7 *  - Wireless Device Low Battery - Press 7 once to view Wireless Zones, Press 7 again to view Handheld Keypads, and press 7 again to view Wireless Keys. Once you figure out what zone it's coming from, all you should have to do is replace the battery.