Can the DSC PC3000 use Wireless Sensors

No, the DSC PC3000 is an old/discontinued wired security system that cannot support any kind of wireless receiver. A wireless receiver is used in other system's to allow for the additions of wireless security sensors and devices. The PC3000 is only able to support a maximum of 16 zones and all of them must be hardwired. If you are interested in adding wireless security sensors to your home or business you must upgrade the green motherboard located directly inside the main control panel box.

If you want to upgrade your existing PC3000 security system to for wireless capabilities we recommend going with a DSC Powerseries PC1616 alarm control panel. In addition to the PC1616 control panel, you will want to add a wireless receiver to allow for wireless sensors. You can accomplish wireless compatibility by adding a hardwired RF keypad such as the DSC RFK5564 or by adding just a wireless receiver such as the DSC RF5132-433 32 zone wireless receiver. We would recommend using the RFK5564 because as you are getting a new alarm control panel you will need a newer keypad for programming purposes so the RFK keypad will kill two birds with one stone.

 If you need assistance programming either the DSCPC3000 or PC1616 security systems Geoarm Security does offer professional alarm monitoring services. Once you have our monitoring services we will assist you getting your alarm system to fully function correctly.

DSC PC3000 Alarm Monitoring Options