Follow Me Reminder Phone Number

1) Enter Installer Code on the panel while disarmed (Default 4112) + 800

2) You Will now see 20 INSTALLER CODE if that was the correct installer code.

3) Press * 46

Enter up to 24 digits. 

4) Press *99 After the screen updates to the next field to exit the programming

Note: GeoArm can change the installer code upon activation

This option allows the user to schedule a time-driven message. When activated the
system will dial the phone number programmed and deliver a voice message (custom
words 72, 73, and 74). This option is only supported when the follow-me feature is
enabled in field ✻49 (option 6-9 or 10-13). 

If using the Follow Me Reminder feature, enter the phone number here. If fewer than
24 digits are entered, and exit by pressing [✻]. To clear entries from the field press ✻46✻.
The telephone message can be terminated (acknowledged) by pressing any key on the
telephone keypad. Pressing any key on the local Lynx Plus Series keypad will terminate
(acknowledge) both the follow me and the local reminder announcements