Testing the System

After installation is completed, the security system should be carefully tested, as follows.

1. With the system in the disarmed state, check that all zones are intact. If the READY LED is not lit,
press the [ ✻] key to display the faulted zone(s). Restore faulted zone(s), if necessary, so that the
READY LED lights. Fault and restore every sensor individually to assure that it is being monitored by
the system.

2. Enter the security code and press the TEST key. The outside sounder will sound for 1 second. “Test
in Progress” will subsequently be displayed on the keypad. The control announces the zone’s voice
descriptor (if programmed) followed by 3 beeps, each time a contact is faulted. A test report should be
transmitted (if programmed) to the central station immediately. If the backup battery is discharged or
missing, the sounder may not turn on and a LOW BATTERY report will be transmitted with a TEST
report. The keypad will beep once every 45 seconds as a reminder that the system is in the Test mode.

3. To turn off the Test mode enter security code and press the OFF key.

Notes: (1) Triggering a zone set to Arm AWAY, Arm STAY, or Disarm will take the system out of Test and cause that
 (2) BR type transmitters do not display during Test mode (keypad beeps only)
 (3) Macros cannot be run from the Test mode.
 (4) Test mode automatically ends after 4 hours.
 LynxSIA Plus ONLY
 (5) During the final 5 minutes (after 3 hours 55 minutes of Test mode), “4 Hr End of Test” is displayed on the
keypad indicating that the end of Test mode is nearing.
 (6) Upon termination of a test mode all faulted 24-hour zones are treated as a trouble zones.
 (7) Fire verification is disabled when the system is in Test mode.