Can the Lyric Controller be Updated using the USB Port

Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Controller can be updated using the USB Port on the bottom of the keypad. This firmware update method is only used by professional alarm monitoring companies such as AlarmClub because it requires use of a certain software called AlarmNet 360 which allows you to select “Export to USB” to copy the firmware update file to a portable drive. The software screen prompts you through required steps and delivers the firmware update file and a key file. Both files must be stored in the a folder named “Update” in the root of your USB Drive.

*If you are updating multiple panels, you must create a Key file for each, and also store the file in the Update folder.

To perform a firmware update using the USB Drive:

1. Insert the USB drive into the Lyric Smart Controller

2. Select Security, Tools, and enter the installer code.

3. Select Program. The panel returns to the home screen. The Lyric panel reboots to apply the firmware. System cannot have any troubles or low battery in order to reboot and apply update automatically. Reboot manually if troubles cannot be cleared, after file transfer activity completes.