What is the Lyric Controller Night Stay Mode

The Honeywell Lyric Controller can be armed in Night Stay mode by choosing arm night when prompted for the code after selecting Arm Stay (will only see this option if a motion zone had been chosen for "arm night"). In this mode all interior zones that were NOT selected yes for arm night in zone programming are bypassed. So while programming lets say a SiXPIR into the Lyric Controller you want this particular zone to be bypassed while you arm stay you would select NO while programming the SiXPIR. On the contrary if you wanted a different motion to work while arm stay and night mode is activated you would want to select YES.


One of the main purposes of Night Stay is to allow for certain motions in certain areas of your home or business to be armed even when you are home and use arm stay mode. For example: in a basement or a room that is in the back of the house that no person enters. 

Zone Response types have the option for Arm Night Report code R441 is sent and logged for Night stay Arming. *Panel can not be armed in the Night Stay mode with a key fob.