Why Does the Lyric Controller have a Microphone

The Honeywell Lyric Controller contains a microphone from factory because it is used to leave messages, 2-Way audio alarm verification features and lastly, for use with the Lyric voice commands feature's.

Lyric Voice Control can be activated on the Master Tools screen under "Voice Control". Voice activation lets you control the system with simple voice commands to do the following:

• Activate custom smart scenes using pre-defined voice commands

• View camera images from up to four cameras Lyric contains a built-in vocabulary of six command phrases to which it responds. The commands are: Wake up, Leaving the house, Returning home, Evening time, Bed time and Cameras

Trigger Commands choices are - Hello Lyric, Hello Lyric Home, Okay Lyric. Lyric is designed to hear voice commands in a normal speaking voice from about 10 feet away under normal ambient noise levels.

*Only 1 Smart Scene can be associated with a given voice command.

To view cameras via Lyric voice controls, say:“Cameras”. The camera screen is displayed.

To enable voice control from the “Master Tools” screen select "Voice Command"

Note: Voice commands cannot be used to unlock a door. If a Voice Command is setup to Run a Scene that does a 'Disarm', the Controller will present the keypad for a code to be entered, it will not perform the disarm until the code is entered